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Winter Deal

$100 dollar deal includes:
  • A domain or domain transfer
  • Domain protection
  • Hosting
Hosting is a small hosting package which includes:
  • C-panel account
  • mysql database support
  • php 5
  • 250 MB of disc storage
  • 5 GB of monthly bandwidth

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More Info
WEB-PACKAGE.COM is your easy way to the web!  We will help you get your site online by explaining the process, helping you secure your own .com name, and hosting your site.  We can design and code your site for your, or you can take care of that yourself using your own c-panel hosting control panel. 

We can create you a custom home page with the stuff you use the most right in front of you.  Local weather maps, commonly used link tables, photo slide show, address book, event lister/reminder, and message board all at your browser's home button.  This can be accessed anywhere there is internet.

Need a blog?  We can create you a popular word press blog page, or create you a custom blog giving you the ability to upload and order your content on your own platform.

Need top page search engine returns?  We know the tricks of targeted search engine optimization (SEO).

What's Involved in Website Ownership
There are two things that must happen before you can have your own website on the web.  First you must register a domain name. This is your one of a kind web address.  Once this is registered in your name, no one else can use that name.  When someone types that name into a web browser address bar, your site is displayed on their computer.  The domain name must be re-registered every year.  There is a registration authority called ICANN.  All domain registars must comply with ICANN policies.  Many times the registar also does the website hosting.  That's not required, although it may be easier to have one company do both services.

The next step is site hosting.  Your host is the server that holds the files and scripts that make up your website, and is where your website is accessed from.  Your host will charge you based on the bandwidth (data transfer) and disc space you will use.  Bandwidth is web traffic.  It is data transfer from the server to a computer and from a computer to the server.  The bigger and more complex your page is the more bandwidth it uses every time it is displayed on someone's computer.  Also, the more people that access your site, the more bandwith is used.   Bandwith is usually set up as an accumulated monthly limit.   Disc space is the amount of storage room on the server that you are given to store the files that make up your site.  Sites that have alot of large pictures, music, or videos will require a larger amount of disc space.

Once your files are on the host server and your domain is registered, when someone clicks a link to your site or enters the address in the browser the domain's nameserver is pointed to your host and on to you files, specifically your index file and your page is displayed.


  • domains and domain transfers: $15.00
  • domain protection (protects personal information and reduces spam): $7.00
  • small hosting package: $100.00
  • Small hosting includes: 250 MB data storage, 5 GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited email address, C-panel, mySQL database usage.

  • large hosting package: $175.00
  • Large hosting includes: 1 GB data storage, 20 GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited email address, C-panel, mySQL database usage.

  • Custom published home page, depending on content: $25.00 - $40.00
  • Web site design html, dhtml pages: Let's talk
  • Web site design php, mysql pages: Lets's talk
  • Web site up-dates on pages that we've designed in html, dhtml: $10.00 per page
  • Web site up-dates on pages that we've designed in php, mysql: $15.00 per page
  • Backend website work: $40.00 per hour
  • Managed website $270 per year

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